Bihar’s Backwardness- Who should be blamed- Foolish voters or joker politicians?

jungle raaj in bihar

Have you heard about hilarious political joker Laloo Prasad Yadav? Have you seen self-proclaimed “Sushasan Babu (A political figure capable of maintaining law and order in a backward state)? If not, then, it’s time to Google the term “Bihar” and ...

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Double Standards of Indian Media, Secular politicians and fake intellectuals on Dadri issue


India is a strange country wherein foreign NGO funded Indian Media, contractors of Muslim votes and secularism and fake individuals (loyal to their political fathers for their livelihood) practice extraordinary double standards on sensitive issues of the country. In plain ...

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Europe Under the wave of Global Terrorism


On last day, a terrorist went on a gun rampage at Olympia Mall in Munich, Germany, killed 9 people and injured 20 before killing himself.  Before this, an axe and knife-wielding man assaulted passengers on a train near the town ...

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Politics of convenience: Sidhu’s resignation from Rajya Saba and “Joining AAP- A self proclaimed Honest political party”


When I was a student, I was taught my teacher that politics is a medium to serve the people and do all possible things for all around development of the nation. Earlier, politicians were well educated and had a sense ...

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Top 3 reasons not to watch NDTV India, AAJ Tak and ABP News


In India, there are around 350 News channels, available in different Indian languages. As Hindi is India’s national language and is spoken by the majority of the people living in the country and across the globe, Hindi language News channels ...

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High profile “Honor Killing” in Pakistan: Is Pakistani society decaying rapidly?

qandeel-baloch killed her brother

Pakistan is India’s Enemy Number 1 country which came into existence in 1947 following India’s division. Since when this Islamic country was created by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, it has been exporting terrorism to India and the rest of the world ...

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Controversial Muslim cleric Zakir Naik: An Islamic filth breeding new seeds of Global terrorism


There is no doubt that ISLAM is a religion of Genocide and in this modern world, where the followers of other religions are relinquishing their unpractical and old customs rapidly in order to accommodate themselves in accordance with news changes ...

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Terrorism has a religion and that is ISLAM


We are living in the world where there is no guarantee that you are safe and sound. Every day, when I browse the websites of News channels and watch television, I come across several incidents of terrorist attacks in different ...

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Indian terrorist under the guise of Intellectuals: Right Time to punish them


Terrorism is a global problem and if I am not wrong, India is the biggest victim of Pakistan sponsored Terrorism in Asia. When Englishmen left India in 1947, they divided United India into two different nations- India and Pakistan. Since ...

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Secular Media cries foul At Arnab Goswami : A big blow to the credibility of Indian Media organizations


Recently, Arnab Goswami (the editor-in-chief and news anchor of  the Indian news channel Times Now and ET Now ), conducted the interview of Indian Prime Minister Modi on 27 June , 2016 and asked a number of questions related to various ...

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