China in Deep Economic Trouble, Will Lay 10 Lakh Soldiers off


It seems that the financial condition of china is getting from bad to worse. Declining  export, increasing tension with several countries owing to a number of issues, increasing cost of production, capital outflow, shifting of foreign companies out of china, ...

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Google Lands in Big Trouble; EU Imposes a Massive $2.7 Billion Fine


Google is a leading search engine of the world. Most of the tech-savvy people use Google to explore information, products and services and other desired things on the World Wide Web. So, Google has a monopoly how websites are created ...

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Low level Journalism of New York Times, calls UP CM Yogi Adityanath a Hindu terrorist


Our Dear Readers, Since the emergence of Modi government in India back in 2014, biased media organizations of different countries have intensified their Anti-India propaganda. It seems that they were ok with the corrupt régime of Congress in India, but ...

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Good News: GPS Feature Becomes Mandatory in All Cell Phones by Next Year


India is a big market for the telecom industry. Every day new phones are launched and introduced in the market for sale. There are many features in cell phones among which GPS (Global positioning system) holds great importance. It allows ...

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Rahul Gandhi meets Chinese Ambassador to New Delhi secretly amid increasing tension between India & china, faces fierce criticism from social media users


Congress leader, the son of Sonia Gandhi(Congress president), PM in waiting for Rahul Gandhi is once again in News for his stupid action. We all know that tension between India and China is growing rapidly over Chinese Army incursion of ...

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Finally Indian Army Can Buy Weapons Without the Bureaucracy Giving “technical advice” on warfare & tactics

kashmir army

In the big boost for Army, Modi Govt clears procurement of critical weaponry for short intense wars. In a major decision, the government has empowered the Army directly to procure critical weapons systems and military platforms to maintain combat readiness for short ...

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Love jihad goes rampant in New Delhi, A Muslim boy kills 19 year old Hindu Girl in one-sided love affair


We have been continuously reporting about Muslim hooliganism and terrorism to make people aware of the possible dangers of having a relationship with unbelievable Muslim people.   Muslims are at war against Non-Muslim 24×7/364 days, but secular Hindus have been ignoring ...

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The Nation Wants To Know About Rahul & Sonia’s Mysterious And Secret Foreign Trips


Congress President Sonia Gandhi (a foreign bar girl turned politician) and her son Rahul Gandhi are two main political figures in Indian politics, who are notorious for their anti-Hindu sentiments, large-scale financial misappropriation, insulting the real heroes of the nation ...

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Chinese Propaganda Bullhorn Global Times threatens India with military action, India fights back


Our Dear Readers, The tension between a stupid communist country China and India is increasing with each passing day. Both of these two countries have deployed lethal weapons, tanks and Military on the border. China is determined to grab Bhutan’s ...

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Good News for Indians travelling to America, Low-level Scrutiny on American Airports


America is said to be the land of limitless opportunities. If you have an excellent command over English, expertise in your profession, invitation from any MNC company/firm to work and earn in America, this country welcomes you with red carpet ...

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