Why India is not Participating in One Belt One Road Summit In China?


Our Dear readers,                               Powerful leaders and delegations from 29 countries of the world gathered in Beijing, China to join One Belt One Road Summit hosted ...

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A Christian man punished in Indonesia for criticizing Islam


Just like India, Muslim hooliganism is rapidly spreading in all parts of the world and the non-Muslim population is singing the song of Secularism and brotherhood to appease fundamentalist Muslims. Muslims are free to criticize anyone, but nobody can dare ...

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Justin Bieber fools Indian Fans, foolish fans paid off Rs 70,000 to see his Lip-Syncing


Justin Bieber is a big name in Hollywood. He is a popular pop singer in the western world and even among Indians who love to watch English movies and listen to English songs. People are crazy about this singer. He ...

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Is Japan pursuing Muslim Appeasement Policy?


A few days ago, we have reported how south Korea is ignoring the potential dangers of inviting Muslims in the country as tourists. Now it seems that Japan, a developed country which doesn’t issue visa and residency permit to Muslims ...

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EVM Tampering Row: Rohit Tripathy an Ethical Hacker Completely Exposed the Drama of AAP


Rohit Tripathy an Ethical Hacker updated a post on his Facebook timeline on EVM Tampering which Completely exposes the Drama of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his party member Saurabh Bhardwaj. Read the full post here: Since I started ...

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What This Uber Cab Driver Did to a Delhi Girl Will Shock You


A Delhi girl has shared details of her horrible experience with Uber cab driver. The girl has updated a Facebook post describing the shocking behaviour of Uber cab driver. Read what happened with this girl :- The girl in her ...

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South Korea wants to be attacked by Muslim terrorists, allows beef & halal food in the country to attract Muslim Tourists


South Korea is a developed country. But it seems that it doesn’t know the potential dangers of going soft with Muslims. Currently, the relationship between China and south Korea has soured  due to the south Korea’s decision to allow Americans ...

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Pakistan’s Army uncomfortable with bitter truth, blocks NewYork Times article in Pakistan


Pakistan is a country of brainless Muslims, whose prime job is to export terrorists to India and rest of the world. This terrorist country is run by a terrorist organization which has covered the mask of Army.  We all know ...

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Media Baahubali Makes a Grand comeback, Thrashes corruption king Laloo Yadav on his first show


Our Dear readers, India’s leading English-language journalist, Arnab Goswami, who is famous for his investigative, explosive reporting & journalism, has now made a grand comeback in Electronic media with his brand new channel REPUBLIC. Arnab Goswami -Media Baahubali? Soon after ...

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Incomplete justice for Nirbhya, Hindu culprits given death sentence, Muslim criminal walks free despite being the main criminal


Our dear readers, The Indian Supreme Court upheld death penalty for the 4 criminals of 2012 gang-rape and murder of Nirbhaya that shocked the nation. The advocates of Supreme Court termed this case as “rarest of the rare” and a “heinous ...

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