Breaking! Tension Mounting in Korean Peninsula, All leading World powers preparing for a large Scale War

Tension Mounting in Korean Peninsula

Our Dear Readers, Tension is rapidly increasing in the Korean peninsula. Despite repeated calls from the world community to halt the test of atomic weapons, North Korea is doing the test of atomic weapons one after another. This small country, ...

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Bad days for careless drivers: MP government to revoke driving license of people who break traffic rules 3 times


Careless driving is quite common in India. Whenever, I move out of my rented house in NEW DELHI and walk on streets, I see people involved in telephonic calls while driving vehicles, rash driving, red light jumping, over speeding, not ...

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It’s Right time to launch all out military offensive against Naxal terrorists


Our Dear Readers, Some 300 Naxal terrorists attacked 150 Indian security men and martyred around 26 brave soldiers recently. This unfortunate incident shocked the entire nation, but India’s home minister Rajnath singh is offering only lip service instead of taking ...

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UP Govt to provide bond worth Rs 50,000 to every girl child birth in Poor family in UP


Daughters are considered as financial burden on their parents in India because of several reasons such as dowry, social prejudice against girls, etc. But, it seems that good days are waiting for girls that would take birth in poor families ...

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Saudi Arabia to build 500 Mosques in Bangladesh, Religious Fanaticism likely to escalate


Saudi Arabia, which pumps Millions of US Dollars to Islamic terrorists, is also notorious for promoting the toxic version of Islam. This country donates a large sum of money to other countries not for development and useful works, but for ...

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Gautam Gambhir took over expenses of children’s education of all 25 CRPF Martyred


Former India skipper Gautam Gambhir has pledged to bear the full expenses of the children of 25 CRPF personnel killed in an ambush by Maoists in Chhattisgarh’s south Sukma area on Monday. Gambhir announced that he would extend the support through his ...

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Breaking: Govt Bans Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, and Everything in Kashmir


The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has banned several social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Snap Chat, in the Kashmir Valley “in the interest of maintenance of public order”. The order said that in 2016, “anti-national and subversive ...

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China’s Stupid acts continues, Demonstrates Chinese names of several places in Arunachal Pradesh

itanagar-protest china rename places

Our dear readers, The diplomatic tussle between India and China is continued as usual. China, which supports Islamic terrorism against India, is now provoking India to take extreme steps on the issue of Arunachal Pradesh. China has been warning India ...

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China Strikes again, Bans the use of Controversial Muslim Names


Our dear readers, Speaking against the nonsense activities of Muslims may be an act of intolerance in secular India, but in china, the situation is completely different. We Indians may be envious of china’s arrogant and hostile attitude towards India, ...

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Is BJP really an anti-Muslim Party ? Think Again

is bjp an anti muslim party

Our dear readers,                               It’s a clear fact that Muslims consider BJP as an anti-Muslim political organization and don’t vote for it.  Since India’s independence back in 1947, Muslims have been voting for congress assuming that the congress is the ...

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