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PM Modi to Visit Israel Soon, Relationship b/w India and Israel Like to get a Big Boost

Our Dear Readers,


PM Modi’s aggressive foreign policy has helped India to strengthen its bilateral relationship with different countries of the world. It seems that more and more countries are eager to give Red Carpet welcome to India PM and boost their relationship with India, which is a rising Star.


After a successful trip to European countries and the US, PM Modi is scheduled to visit Israel soon.


It’s a fact that Israel is a small country and is surrounded with hostile Muslim countries that tend to destroy this small, but beautiful country.


But since it’s creation back in 1948, Israel has successfully protected itself from Islamic Terrorism and various attacks. The mighty army of Israel kicks Muslim terrorists so hard that no islamic terrorist organization dares to attack Israel with full force.


Back in India, our entire political establishment proudly promotes islamic terrorism, Muslim hooliganism, Muslim appeasement and secularism. Because of India’s Muslim appeasement policy, no Indian visited Israel in last 60 years.


But, PM Modi is changing the tradition. He is likely to visit Israel soon. Israeli media, public and PM is happy with Modi’s tour. We will provide you all the latest update about his visit to Israel.

Jay Hind. Jay Bharat.

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  1. Tarun Kumar Talukdar

    Now whatever our PM take steps it will work for us nd others. Because India never enjoy alone.India always thinks others too. Thats d Indian culture nd Hindu religious practice.Time has come India want to show d world that what India can do for d world. After Modi come we Indians are start only positively. Little part of stupid Indian thinks NG negatively. Very soon every corner of India ppls have to think positive only. Maybe after visiting Israel. We want to ready for our 2019 election camping for Moiji only. Jay Hindu. I know this historical vsit will be best for them nd best for us.

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