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Politics of convenience: Sidhu’s resignation from Rajya Saba and “Joining AAP- A self proclaimed Honest political party”

When I was a student, I was taught my teacher that politics is a medium to serve the people and do all possible things for all around development of the nation. Earlier, politicians were well educated and had a sense of truthfulness, honesty, high moral values, transparency in private and public life, neat and clean character. They were inspired by the fact that, they were in politics to not to make a lot of money for the welfare of their close relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. For them, development of the nation was the topmost priority.
As time passed, we witnessed a great decline in the values of political life and now, the condition is so worse that most of the people hate politics and politicians and there is widespread disgust for politicians. If you observe reasons behind it, you find that, politicians belonging to all political parties of India have the ultimate goal to gain power anyhow at the cost of others and in this process ital issues related to the welfare of common public are left behind.
It is said that politics is a dirty game and a good, educated and talented person can’t think of joining mainstream politics if he has not lots of money. Today, illiterate, dishonest, criminal, rapist, murderer people join politics with the help and support of all political parties of India and they are involved in all types of criminal and unfair activities that escalate the level of widespread corruption in India.

Look at the chart to understand strange and unnatural “marriages “in Indian politics:


Indian Political leaders Prior Status New Condition Aim
Laloo And Nitish Foes Intimate friends To gain power
BJP and PDP Foes Intimate friends To gain power
Congress and Left Foes Intimate friends(In West Bengal) To gain power
JD(U) and BJP Friends Foes(In Bihar) To gain power
Baspa and BJP Friends Foes(In UP) To gain power
AAP and Congress Friends Foes (In Delhi) To gain power

A lot of examples can be given here:

In a surprise move, Rajyasabha member from BJP quota, Navjot Singh Sidhu, resigned from BJP and Rajya Sabha to join India’s one and only self-proclaimed honest political party AAP whose Gurrilla politics have created a lot of controversies and paralyzed Delhi’s political, social and financial life.
Originally, he was an ordinary cricketer currently he earns his bread and butter from cricket commentary and comedy shows. He is an entertainer who cuts hilarious and funny jokes to make people laugh. He is a joker- in short you can say.

In India, even a joker has high political ambitions and Navjot Singh Sidhu is not an exception to it. He joined BJP and had a desire to become minister in the Government of India. When he failed to get that, he became annoyed with BJP leadership. In order to pacify him, PM Modi nominated him for Rajyasabha, but it seems that he did not like his unexpected elevation in his political career.

Fascinated by AAP’s promise to make him CM candidate from AAP, Sidhu resigned from Rajyasabha and BJP and went into the lap of Arvind kejriwaal. But, taking a sharp U turn, Arvind kejriwaal, who is notorious for taking several U turns, dismissed the media buzz of appointing Navjot Singh Sidhu as AAP’s CM candidate for Punjab. He said: He will make Sidhu a star campaigner for AAP, not CM candidate. Some AAP leaders in Punjab also expressed their displeasure on Sidhu’s inclusion in the party.
If AAP loses Punjab Election, Navjot Singh Sidhu will be the biggest loser.


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