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All about article 370: A boon or bane for Jammu & Kashmir

All about article 370: A boon or bane for Jammu & Kashmir

Article 370 of Indian constitution has been in controversy for a long period of time since when it was implemented in India controlled Jammu and Kashmir by congressi government. It gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir which is a bone of controversy. The main sponsor of this article is India’s first Prime Minister Pandhit Jawahar Lal Nehru who’s personal and public life remained in controversy because of his “sinful acts”.

Before discussing about Article 370, it would be appropriate to know why Jammu and Kashmir is a controversial place. When India got Independence from British rule in 1947, united India was divided into two separate nations- India and Pakistan. At that point of time, the Hindu King of Jammu and Kashmir decided not to be a part of either India or Pakistan and remain as an independent state between two nations. But, as soon as Pakistan came into existence, its army attacked Jammu and Kashmir and was rapidly advancing towards Srinagar. As it was a surprise attack and the king of the state alone was not strong enough to confront Pakistan’s army, he sought India’s help in order to rescue Jammu and Kashmir from being captured by Pakistan.

Then, India’s first home Minister, Sardar Ballav Bhai patel, popularly known as Iron Man because of his brave and bold actions, asked the king of  Jammu and Kashmir to sign reunification agreement with India if he wanted India’s military help. The king signed reunification agreement with Indian side and soon Indian army rushed to Jammu and Kashmir and gave a solid kick to Pakistani army.  But, foolish Nehru announced the cessation of war all of a sudden and fighting ended. Because of Nehru’s blunder, Indian army could not liberate the entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir and approximately 55% of the state remains in the occupation of Pakistan even today and remaining 45% is ruled by India.

Since then, India and Pakistan have fought 3 times and at all the times, our brave Indian army defeated Pakistan’s army badly. During India-Pakistan war in 1975, India broke Pakistan into two parts and a new country, Bangladesh, surfaced on the map of the world. Since then, Pakistan has been exporting terrorism to India which is causing serious damage to our nation in terms of people’s life, security and law and order situation. It is also notable fact that local Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir support Pakistan’s terrorism  and that is why, Indian has to deploy around 7 lakh Indian soldiers to protect Jammu and Kashmir.

Now come to the point of Article 370. Here we discuss the key points of article 370 and observe how it is affecting Jammu and Kashmir’s overall progress. Have a look at key points of Article 370:

  1. Article 370 was eventually written by Gopalaswami Ayyangar. This articles gives special status and autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir,
  2. Because of Article 370, the Indian Parliament cannot increase or reduce the borders of the state in any way and the state is exempted from the complete applicability of the Constitution of India. The state is permitted to have its own Constitution,
  3. Central legislative powers over the State are reduced to just three subjects of defence, foreign affairs and communications,
  4. Other constitutional provisions of the Central Government are applicable in the only if the State Government gives nod to it,
  5. The Article 370 could be abrogated or amended only if the State’s Constituent Assembly makes recommendations for it.

Because of Article 370:

  • Indians living outside the boarders of Jammu and Kashmir can’t purchase land in the state,
  • Orders of INDIAN JUDICIARY is not fully applicable in the state,
  • The state has its own constitution and flag and
  • Any kashmiri male/female who marriages outside the state, loses his state’s citizenship. Pakistani citizens simply marry kashmiri girls to become Indian citizens just because of this needless provision.

Because of 370 articles, industries are not set up in Jammu and Kashmir and the capability of the state government to provide jobs has reached at a level where it has no vacancy in its department. Also continuous incidents of Pakistan sponsored terrorism and their local supporters create negative image in the minds of rest of the Indians. Tourism industry alone can’t generate sufficient jobs for the employment of jobless youths.

Therefore, the government of India actively needs to abolish article 370 as soon as possible so that industries may reach there and jobs may be created for needy people. I would also like to give a sincere suggestion to “Pakistan loving “ people of Jammu and Kashmir- When 2 crore Muslims in Pakistan’s Baluchistan and around 45 lakh Muslims in Pakistan occupied Kashmir want freedom from Pakistan, why you hoist Pakistan’s flag in Jammu and Kashmir and want to be a part of a terrorist country? Pakistan is a terrorist nation who can’t feed its people, what paradise will you get by going to Pakistan?

In the end, I would urge to Indian Media outlets “The importance of Article 370” not to confuse people with their propaganda article just to get their share of “hush money” from their political bosses who direct them to establish their political agenda.


  1. We dont know about what pakistan will do but the fact is that indians are torturing us since last 50 years. Atleast pakistani army wont make our 8 year old kids blind. They wont disppear our 1 lac young guys. They wont stop us to pray in grand masjid jamia. There will b no curfews and we will b atleast allowed to have lunch. Come to the badic facts. Y r u indians so mean. Accept that u are killing our generations for just asking their will. AFSPA is not anywhere in india. If we are your part treat us the same way u deal with other indians,but u cant. Hindustan mei rehna hai hindu bann kay rehna hai. This is what u want. We dont nedd ur industries sir.we want our kids lives that is important. Live in kashmir for a week like a common kashmiri and se will see will u suffer or not. When poluce will slap u for no cause will che k ur ids regularily ,u will feel like a refuge.Stop killing innocents. I know this wont be posted. Thank u

  2. The idiot Nehru wanted , it seems , each of the three bastard sons of the procurer Motilal to have a principality and divided India into three parts . The third one was done thro ‘ article 370 which is an unbearable bane to India. Anyway , we can run away but have to face the problem and solve victoriously.

  3. My comment is only for the bastard name zaid. This son of a pig need to understand that our hands are still tied. The day we get straight orders. Ghar mein ghus ke marenge tum suar ki aauladon ko. Hijade sale Army pe patthaer fek te ho. Dum ho to aajao Ek aur baar Godhra ker te hai kashmir mein tum porkistani haramzadon ko bata te hai ki Bharatwasi kaise hote hai. Babri to trailer tha. Jis din puri movie release ker di to sale kashmir to hai hi porkistan mein bhi nahi chodenge tum suaron ko.

  4. This is reply to my friend zaid we want go to Jammu and Kashmir
    You seek for help that’s why we help you and you say Indian army
    blind people this is you who make them to do this .you are the one who stonepelting first then blame army it is human nature to defend himself and army never stop anyone to prayer you say India want only Hindu as your kind information India has more Muslim population then Pakistan if Pakistan is that sweet than why people in pok and Baluchistan want freedom from them .Pakistan always funds terrorist it hasn’t mean with you .they just want to use you

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