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Is it Right Time to Renovate the Indian Judiciary?

New Delhi, A few days ago, on the instruction of Indian judiciary, the government of India issued a notification banning the sale and purchase of cattle only for slaughter.  Soon after the notification, Muslims, self-proclaimed secular governments of Kerala and West Bengal, pro-Muslim intellectual terrorists, biased media organizations, journalists, intolerance brigade and others started to speak against the notification and blamed the Modi government of imposing the ideology of RSS across the nation. In order to protest the notification, stupid and brainless volunteers of anti-Hindu party congress murdered a cow and consumed its flesh in full public view. Congressi propaganda bullhorn NTDV India tried its level best to justify the stupid action of congressi workers by labeling the cow as ox and buffalo in its news content.

Congress cow slaughterThe pseudo-seculars of this country filed several PILs against the notification. It is interesting to know that while hearing different pleas on the same case, RAJASTHAN HIGH COURT declares the cow as national treasure, whereas the Madras High Court banned the notification. I was confused which court verdict should the law enforcement agencies follow. I was surprised by so big difference (on the explanation of the same matter) between the decisions of the Rajasthan High court and the Madras High Court.

On July 11, 2017, the supreme court of Indiasuspends Centre’s rule banning sale of cattle for slaughter without giving any notification to the central government to defend its ruling. I believe this ruling is a fine example of needless judicial intervention in the workings of the central government and demonstrates how biased Indian judiciary is towards the majority population of this country.

What’s wrong with Indian judiciary?

Indian judiciary is notorious for a number of reasons, such as-

  1. A large number of pending cases,
  2. Corrupt and incompetent lawyers,
  3. Slow pace of court proceedings. Indian courts can take several decades to pronounce judgments on cases. Don’t expect speedy justice from them,
  4. Inability to punish rich and powerful criminals,
  5. Controversial appointments of judges and lawyers through collegium system. India is the only system to have this kind of system. It is believed that through this system, lawyers appoint their relatives and close friends on important judicial posts and they spread the dirt of corruption shamelessly. Indian judiciary has foiledModi government’s attempt to make it transparent and liable. 

Anyone, who exposes the corruption in judiciary is summoned by the different courts and punished for challenging the nonsense activities of Indian judiciary. From the case of Justice CS Karnan, it is clear that the Indian Judiciary aims to punish all those who question its stupid and corrupt actions. Even lawyers are telling that there is a need to reform the judiciary. A blogger on Navbharat Times exposed the double standards of the Indian Supreme Court.

We believe that its right time to make major reforms in the Indian judiciary so that it can deliver justice to all the needy people in a timely fashion and punish the most powerful criminals too.

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