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Search Engine Google wants to peep into your Personal Life, Be Careful

American search engine Google is a popular search engine used by most of the tech savvy people because of its relevant results, user-friendly site structure and simplicity. This major search Engine is available in almost all countries with its local versions. But, it seems that Google has started to utilize its dominant position on the web to conduct its business unfairly and mint lots of Money.


As per the report, we have, Now Google will track your online as well as offline activities to give your sensitive details to service providing companies about your habits so that they can suggest you products useful for your need. For this Google will get the referral amount from the advisers.

This is a clear violation of one’s privacy. It’s a fact that Google tracks your online activities when you use its products.


Therefore, you must be careful about your privacy and use Google and its products carefully. Don’t leak your personal details on the web. You can take the following steps-

  1. If you are a general user who uses the internet for general purposes, try to use other search engines in place of Google, such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckgo, Dogpile, Yandex, and others.
  2. Replace Gmail with other similar mail options such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, India Mail, Yandex mail, etc.

For webmasters, there is no other option but to keep using Google.

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