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Secular Media cries foul At Arnab Goswami : A big blow to the credibility of Indian Media organizations

Recently, Arnab Goswami (the editor-in-chief and news anchor of  the Indian news channel Times Now and ET Now ), conducted the interview of Indian Prime Minister Modi on 27 June , 2016 and asked a number of questions related to various fields such as India’s foreign policy, domestic issues, India’s relationship  with Its neighboring countries, etc. PM Modi answered all questions carefully and boldly. It was PM’s first interview with any Indian Media channel since 2014, when he was appointed as India PM with absolute majority.

Before talking about this topic, let’s know something about Times Now famous journalist Arnab Goswami.  Arnab Goswami is one of the few journalists who are not hyper active on social Media. Generally, he stays away from the buzz of social media and focuses on his journalism in a professional way.

As we all know that Most of the Indian Media organizations such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, The New Indian Express, The Hindu, India Today, News 24, News Nation, Navbharat Times, Economic Times, dainik Bhaskar, jansatta, AAJ TAK, NDTV India, ABP News, Scroll.com, IBN7, etc, are directly or indirectly affiliated and controlled by leaders of India’s most corrupt party Congress who was kicked out of power in 2014 because of  their “profession of large scale corruption game under the leadership of a so called Honest person ManMohan Singh” and misrule.  The journalist of all above mentioned Media organizations grab handsome amount of money from their political fathers and in return, they make favorable coverage about them. That is why; the credibility of Indian media is rapidly going down.

As PM Modi is quite popular in India and abroad primarily because of his development oriented politics, India media , which was getting black money and other perks from corrupt congress party, finds itself in an uneasy condition because PM Modi doesn’t shower unlawful benefits to so called secular media channels and reporters. Any news that is against BJP, RSS or Hindu religion, becomes Media headlines and lots of debates, articles and shows are organized by congress affiliated Media jackals to gain the maximum TRP as far as possible. But, when negative news comes from the side of congress and other secular parties of India, the same media maintains high level of silence and tries its level best to confuse common India with their false, untrue and biased reporting. There was no media trial on these cases- The rape and mysterious disappearance of Sukanya Devi and his family (in which Congress Prince Rahul Gandhi is the main accused), all scams that were done by corrupt congressi leaders during UPA 1 & 2, Solar Scam, (In which Kerela’s Ex-CM Oman Chandi is involved), Agusta Scam, Hindu’s forceful Exodus from kairana(UP), etc.

After PM’s interview with Arnab Goswami, the black ships of Indian media, became displeased and unhappy with Arnab Goswami and many third class media prostitutes accused Arnab of conducting uncharacteristically’ soft interview. Manyy so called revolutionary anchors and press-reporters of secular section of Indian media declared PM;s interview with Arnab as “below average,” “empty-headed, high-pitched,” and “disgusting. Arnab was trolled on twitter and criticized on social media by several media persons for his “moral offence and Sin (of taking the interview of PM Modi)”.


I have no words to explain the pathetic state of journalism in India. See the quality and wording of Sagarika Ghose’s tweet (which she later deleted) shows in full Technicolor how she views journalism: she associates an interview with the Prime Minister to a delivery of favours on a journalist.

Well, this is not the real journalism. It is a desperate and frustrated appeal for political support that exists in a media-political nexus that was exposed in the last few years of the dark UPA-2 regime. The Radia tapes were one of the clearest evidence of dishonest alliance of media journalist with Political parties.  It is quite clear that now day, Indian journalists has forgotten their actual duties and are actively seeking political patronage.

Some people argue that Sagarika’s outburst against Arnab is rooted in jealousy as Arnab become a far bigger celebrity than her because Times Now is the number one channel with billions of views and which is why the PM gave him the interview. Many channels are frustrated that why PM Modi did chose them to give interviews.

In the meanwhile, congress proved that it has “paid agents” In Indian media: See what congress leader said: “Modi ji, have a press conference. Let our journalists ask you questions. This is better than an interview with one person.” When controversy emerged, The tweet was then deleted from the Congress Twitter handle but it was systematically trolled by internet users who asked the congress leader who he meant by ‘our journalists’.

Some people went further to say that Our Journalists” means Barkha, Sagarika, Rajdeep & other journalists under the payroll of congress and other secular parties.

Some other Media organizations and journalist lost their cool and published absurd articles about PM Modi. A journalist in navbharat Times, was busy in lecturing Arnab as how he should have taken PM’s Interview and what were the “flaws of Arnab’s soft interview with PM Modi” .  You should also see a media person actively trying to speak in favor of kanhaiya kumar, a student and President of student Union of JNU, who is accused of Sedition and anti-national activities. It is also notable fact that kanhaiya kumar is out of jail on bail and charges made against him have not been cleared by Indian judiciary. But, our paid Media channels are in great hurry to declare him innocent and honest person. What a nice journalism and journalist we have in India.

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