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Supreme Court junks Triple Talaq, Good Days for Muslim females, bad days for pedophilic Muslim men

New Delhi: In India, a heated debate over Triple Talaq was going on in Supreme court. After hearing both favorable and unfavorable arguments of the Government of India, All India Muslim personal law board, several lawyers, victims of Triple Talaq,supreme Court declared Triple Talaq as unconstitutional and made it null & void. It also ordered the central government to bring a law on this matter in next 6 months.


As soon as the news flashed in Indian media, different political leaders, public figures and religious leaders welcomed the SC verdict and declared it a historic step that is likely to change the dismal status of Muslims. All self-proclaimed secular journalists, political parties, contractors of the Muslim community, Muslim clerics– who were speaking in favor of the continuation of Triple Talaq, took a sharp U Turn and praised the decision of Indian supreme Court.

On the other hand, there are some media organizations, journalists and brainless Muslims, who expressed their frustration on this decision. Have a look at them:

  1. Biased media journalist sagarika Ghose has to say this:
  2. BBC is not happy with this decisiondeclared it as interference in the religiousmatters of Muslims.
  3. Some Muslim organizations areunhappy with this decision
  4. Brainless Muslims are also feeling restless with this decision.

Our view:

We believe it’s a right judgement pronounced by the supreme court. Triple Talaq, which gives Muslim men a discriminatory right to divorce a married Muslim lady unilaterally at anytime without having any valid reason  just by uttering Talaq(divorce) 3 times.

After this verdict, it is expected that there will be some improvement in the dismal condition of Muslim women. From now onwards, Muslim men will think of at least 10 times to divorce their life partners because of the fear of getting trapped in legal scanner.

A few days ago, Anjana om kashyap, a leading journalist and news anchor at Aaj Tak, blasted Muslims for justifying the disgusting tradition of Halala


SC verdict has hit mullas hard as their business of Halala will close sooner than later. It is also a tight slap on all those political parties which are involved in Muslim appeasement just to secure muslim votes in their favor and gain power.

As BJP is running a majority government in centre, it’s high time to take concrete step and quash article 370, implant the uniform civil law code, eliminate Muslim’s polygamy, etc, as soon as possible for the betterment of this big country.

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