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Tax Tribunal Court held Prannoy Roy Responsible for Money Laundering, Asked him to pay a massive fine

Jaipur: It seems that the problems of an Anti-India, anti-national, anti-hindu, anti BJP and  anti-RSS News channel NDTV is increasing rapidly. Since long, this biased congressi propaganda bullhorn has been involved in misleading reporting and its main duties are-

  1. To leak the sensitive details of India to a terrorist Islamic country Pakistan and help the Muslim terrorists of Pakistan to plan terrorist attacks against India,
  2. Justify Islamic Terrorism,
  3. Produce fake News against the Hindu community, BJP, RSS, and against anyone who speaks for the cause of the nation,
  4. Provide a place to anti-national elements to vomit fire against India, etc.


NDTV is notorious for its biased and one-sided reporting. On several occasions, the channel seems to justify the stupid activities of brainless congressi leaders and other self-proclaimed seculars. Active social media users often accuse NDTV of being a congressi propaganda bullhorn, which seems a reality now.

Prannoy Roy, the head of NDTV, was involved in money laundering. We are not saying this.

The tax Tribunal court held Prannoy Roy responsible for getting involved in Money laundering and other financial misappropriation activities and asked him to pay a hefty fine of Rs 1150 crores.

As per legal experts, NDTV has the option to challenge the ruling in the high court and the supreme court. But this verdict has exposed the double standards of NDTV.


Ravish Kumar, a self-proclaimed honest journalist with zero knowledge of journalism, uses to give lectures to public figures on his prime time show everyday on NDTV at 9 PM. He projects himself as the only champion of investigative, honest and unbiased journalism and accuse other media organizations and journalists “of doing Embedded journalism” without giving any solid proof.


It’s interesting to know that the he did not open the shutter of his mouth on the fraudulent activities of NDTV and Pranav Roy. He was also silent when his brother and congress leader was accused of raping a minor dalit girl in Bihar and running the SEX racket. His brother behaved like a criminal despite being a public figure in Bihar. He maintained high level of silence when his sister was accused of getting involved in a financial misappropriation case and was sacked from the job by the Government of Bihar, headed by the CM Nitish kumar.


In a major development, NDTV has fired around 70 technical workers from the job. Is it the starting of NDTV’s decline? Only time will tell. 
See this video in Hindi to understand the entire matter easily in detail- 

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