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Terrorism has a religion and that is ISLAM

We are living in the world where there is no guarantee that you are safe and sound. Every day, when I browse the websites of News channels and watch television, I come across several incidents of terrorist attacks in different parts of the world, mainly in Muslim countries. Even in Non-Muslim countries, we witness several unfortunate incidents of heinous crimes against Non-Muslim population by the hands of Muslims. Why Muslims are so interested and involved in terrorist activities in all parts of the world? Why they don’t stop terrorism right now? We will have a look at the violent and aggressive nature of Muslims and will discuss the ways with which Islamic terrorism can be stopped effectively.

If you look at the murderous history of ISLAM, it is just 1400 years old religion established by an idiot, brainless, uncivilized and heavy womanizer person called MOHAMMAD.  He was born in Saudi Arabia and had declared himself as a messenger of Islamic God ALLAH.

Mohammad was completely illiterate and to lead his life, he made a gang of hooligans and loafers and his prime duty was to plunder the wealth, women and valuables of ordinary Arabians and other similar group of people.  When Mohammad was born, Saudi Arabia was a country of tribal people and desert. (Still Saudi Arabia is a desert).  People had to move from one place to another in search of food, water and shelter.  

In order to establish an empire and rule the foolish people of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad claimed to be the agent of ALLAH and commenced a religion called ISLAM.  He also said that he kept getting teachings of ALLAH and he compiled all his messages in a divine book called QURAN.  Even today about 99.99% Muslims are of the view that QURAN is a holy book and they must follow its teachings at all cost. QURAN was compiled around 1400 years ago and it was written as per the environment of that time. There are many controversial teachings in QURAN which are unpractical in this modern era. Have a look at some of main controversial teachings of QURAN which are listed here below:

  1. Only ISLAM is the valid reason. For Muslims, ALLAH is the only God and no other form of Gods is allowed to be worshipped in ISLAM.
  2. It is the duty of Every Muslim to persuade Non-Muslims to accept ISLAM. For this, the use of force is legitimate and valid.
  3. It is permissible for Muslims to rape the females of Non-Muslims in order to force them to accept ISLAM.
  4. Any Muslim who criticize Allah or leaves ISLAM, will be killed as a punishment,
  5. Adopting family planning is against the teachings of the ISLAM.
  6. Every Muslim should abide by the fatwas(religious order) issued my Muslim clerics,
  7. Muslims can marry their close relatives,
  8. Muslims must not engage in friendship with kafirs(Non-muslims)
  9. Muslims must do all possible things to spread ISLAM and bring the entire world under the shadow of ISLAM.

There are several other controversial teachings in Quran, which can’t be listed here.

Muslims have killed several million people unnecessarily in 1400 years and their war against Non-Muslims is still on and will continue for good. The entire world is fed up with Islamic terrorism and aggression.  Whenever Muslims attack Non-Muslims unnecessarily in the name of ISLAM, the contractors of ISALM become hyper active, come up and say: This attack has nothing to do with ISLAM. These are misguided and brainwashed people. And with this absurd and meaningless logic, they shy away from their duties to make improvements and amendments in ISLAM and shape it up according to the modern principles of life.

ISLAMIC TERRORISM has been affecting all parts of the world with no discrimination. Every day, we hear the news of suicide bombing, attack on public places, malls, mosques, churches, hospitals and at other places which results in the killing of numerous people unnecessarily.

But, the problem is that in spite of all terrorist activities of Muslims, ISLAM IS A PEACEFUL RELIGION AND MUSLIMS ARE AGENTS OF PEACE AND HARMONY.  We can say that ISLAM is a terrorist religion and more than 99% of Muslim terrorist commit crimes inspired by absurd logic of ISLAM. Even A Muslim News Channel has tried its level best to dismiss the feeling of ISLAMOFOBIA.

But the bitter fact is that most of the Muslims are supporter of terrorism and terrorist activities and they are directly or indirectly linked in all terrorist activates that take place around the world. Muslims don’t look at their flaws such as keeping long beard, keeping their females uneducated and in burka, triple talaq(divorce), polygamy, etc. Anyone who criticizes Islam or talks about making improvements in Islamic rituals, Muslims brand them as Anti- Islamic and try their level best to silence his/her voice.

Countries like Israel, Russia, India, and America are the main victims of ISLAMIC TERRORISM and in Muslim countries, Muslims kill each other unnecessarily. Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Al-Shabaab, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan are the main Muslim terrorist organizations.

Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia are the main exporters of terrorism. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and India and Pakistan have about 350 million Muslims between them. India is the biggest victim of ISLAMIC TERRORISM. It is the right time to take measures to stop ISLAMIC TERRORISM.  Different governments of the world can take following measures”

  • Immediate full stoop to Muslim appeasement,
  • Immediate halt of Muslims immigration to Non-Muslim countries,
  • Immediate punishment to all Muslims who are involved in terrorism and other types of crimes,
  • Termination of all special facilities to Muslims,
  • Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia must be  declared terrorist countries,
  • Tit for tat Policy for Muslims. ISLAM must be banned in All- Non Muslims countries and Muslims living in Non-Muslim countries must be compelled to give up their old-fashioned thoughts and rituals.
  • All those Muslim pundits who use ISLAM to manufacture terrorist must be hanged  till death,
  • Muslims must be forced to adopt family planning
  • All Mosques must be demolished as they are centre of amassing bombs and other weapons
  • Muslims must be held liable for terrorist activities and full cost of damage must be collected from their relatives and
  • They must be taught to respect other religions too. They must be forced to junk their Quran and read the books of other religions so that good knowledge prevails in their mind.

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