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The Hindu:  An Anti-Hindu Paper by Nature

Our Dear readers, Media corruption is now a reality. We can’t deny it. We have seen several cases, wherein so called journalists and Media persons who try to manufacture fake News-

  1. From a child by tempting him of some bucks and a bottle of wine,
  2. A renewed journalist fixes the interview with a self-proclaimed honest leader Arvind kejriwaal and declares the leader’s interview as “extremely revolutionary” despite being a journalist and that too before airing the actual interview.
  3. A journalist makes his screen black to support a group of so called students who are facing the serious charges of treason and anti-national actives,
  4. A journalist clash with NRI Indians in America while making biased coverage against India PM Sri Narendra Modi,
  5. A female journalist acts as a Middleman(Mediator) in 2G scam, remains silent on Islamic terrorism, leaks sensitive and confidential information to India’s Enemy Number 1 Country Pakistan through twits and Media reporting,

There are several incidents of corruption in Media which can’t be listed here. I listed a few samples here above to highlight the seriousness of the problem. These days, a large section of Indian Media run the agendas of their political bosses instead of doing real journalism.

In India, around 97% people don’t understand English at all and they use Hindi or other Indian languages in their daily life. Despite making tall claims of increased readership, English language Media has limited impact in India and they stand nowhere (compared to local language Newspapers, Channels, Magazines) when it comes to readership. Most of the people don’t prefer reading English language newspapers. (Including me also- Although I am not against English language Media even a little bit).

Despite having limited readership, the arrogance and Monopoly of English language media is Everest high. Understand it with an Example. The Hindu, India’s 3nd most popular English daily after Times of India & The Indian Express, is basically anti-Hindu by nature. This controversial Newspaper is infamous for its biased reporting. Many times, this Media organization prepares misleading, false and biased reports to divert people’s attention from real issues and reality and create unnecessary uproar.

Recently, a Muslim writer published an article on this paper and he was of the view that Hindus forced exodus from Kairana (By the hands of Muslim Ruffians) was a false report and an attempt on behalf of BJP and RSS to mobilize the HINDU COMMUNITY of the state of UP so that it can gain bulk voting and win the state Assembly elections. The author did have guts to look into the hooliganism of Muslim community that forced the Hindu people in kairana to move out and look for other safe shelters.

Kairan’s forced exodus of Hindus is a reality as reported by Zee News, India’s leading Hindi language News channel. Several other Hindi language newspapers reported very well and told the truth to the public. Even a foreign News site has the same story.

But, biased Media organizations like the Hindu, NDTV India, etc, declared Hindus forced exodus from Kairana a false reporting in an apparent move to hide the ugly face of ISLAMIC hooliganism.

Our observation:

As an independent Media organization, Modirun India, aims to deliver you the truth and tell you the untold- you don’t find anywhere in mainstream media organizations. We will keep challenging the Monopoly of so called journalist who peddle lies in the name of journalism and mislead people. Our loud and clear message to all such Media motherfuckers is that the more you talk nonsense, the more we will expose your true nature and color before the Indian Public.

Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat!

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