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Top 3 reasons not to watch NDTV India, AAJ Tak and ABP News

In India, there are around 350 News channels, available in different Indian languages. As Hindi is India’s national language and is spoken by the majority of the people living in the country and across the globe, Hindi language News channels dominate India Media up to a great extent. Everyone has freedom of Expression in this country and people are free to do their works freely without facing any pressure from any corner provided that no one else is disturbed by their actions.

India press enjoys immense freedom to telecast news items they want and Indian Government has no role in content policy. There is no fixed rule in India which holds media persons and channels liable for their actions if they are found involved in wrongdoings. This has made Indian New channels a despot in Media filed and now, this situation is so grim that most of the Indian News channels have their political agenda to establish in place of providing real News contents that relate to the common public of this country.

There are several News channels and Journalists that are notorious for their biased coverage. NDTV India, AAJ Tak and ABP News have earned the title of worse Hindi language Media channels in India.

Have a look at top 3 reasons as why you should not watch these three channels:

1. Anti-Hindu Channel:

It is widely believed that these three channels get Petro dollars secretly from ISLAMIC countries to spread the vision of ISLAM, to motivate Non-Muslims to accept Islam and mock Hindu traditions and culture in every possible way. These three channels get a huge amount of black money from India’s most corrupt political party congress and other contractors of MUSLIM voters.

As a result, these three channels hide the wrongdoings of Muslims and attack Hindu religion, culture, traditions and rites in a systematic and planned way and try their level best to divert Hindus from their rich old civilizations. Anyone who speaks in favor of Hindus becomes “communal” and Old fashioned individual according to the Editorial policies of these channels and one, who speaks against Hindus, becomes secular and progressive. Such biased and third class broadcasting of news damages the secular fabric of the republic of India largely.

2. Allegations of Corruption:

These entire three channels have corrupt, biased and sold-out journalist. NDTV is facing corruption allegation and one of its journalists was involved in Nira Radiya tape scandal. NDTV is a pro-Muslim congressi channel and so worse that it sides with terrorist and hides their wrongdoing at all the times. AAJ TAK manufactures News from a child and this channel telecast the news that suits the political agenda of congress and secular parties.

The journalist of AAJ Tak and India today are ok with the corruption cases of congress and other secular parties, butit becomes hyperactive when a BJP leader is involved in corruption cases. A journalist employed with AAJ Tak himself declares the interview “revolutionary” and this journalist fix the interview(just for some money) with India’s self-proclaimed only honest politician Arvind Kejriwal.


ABP News is also in controversies and this channel has lost its credibility as a reliable source of neutral News.

3. Designer Journalism:

There was a time where the journalist was simple and down-to-ground. But, now they are available in colorful packages and they look as “News traders” and “TRP seekers” whose aim is to manufacture meaningless News and controversies unnecessarily. Such journalist doesn’t go in the field in search of actual news contents. They are centered in their AC studios in DELHI & NCR, remain to live on facebook and twitter and telecast their agenda as News like “a pundit’s prawachan”. They don’t include serious news items such as employment, security, agriculture, problems of Indian farmers and students, corruption, industry, trade, India’s relation with other countries, etc as their News items because they are more interested in unrest and riots across the nation, controversial statements and tweets of political leaders and film celebrities, useless filmy gossip, Astrology, sexy advertisement, controversial aid of quacks, etc. All these three channels have nothing to do with public welfare. They are just interested in making a lot of money and create the needless fuss in the country over unimportant issues.



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