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Double Standards of Indian Media, Secular politicians and fake intellectuals on Dadri issue

India is a strange country wherein foreign NGO funded Indian Media, contractors of Muslim votes and secularism and fake individuals (loyal to their political fathers for their livelihood) practice extraordinary double standards on sensitive issues of the country. In plain and simple words- these hypocrite idiots are first-class examples of people with no moral values and senses.

In a new development, a new report proved that the meat sample taken from the refrigerator in Akhlaq’s house was beef and not that of goat, as suggested earlier. As soon as this report came into light, Akhlaq’s murders approached the court seeking FIR against Akhlaq’s family. The Surajpur court accepted the petition and ordered Jarcha police to register FIR against seven members of Akhlaq’s family, who was beaten to death by the angry mob on September 28, 2015 when the information surfaced that he and his family had killed a cow, stored its meat in the refrigerator and consumed it. This unfortunate incident took place at Bisada village in Dadri, UP.  A total of 19 persons is accused of lynching Akhlaq among which one was able to get a clean chit by police. 16 accused are still lodged in jail. The killing of Akhlaq- a criminal of murdering a cow (A punishable offence by law in UP) – triggered a fierce debate over so-called intolerance in the country.

I was surprised to see that all those media prostitutes, secular political vultures, so called intellectuals, book writers, scientist and human right activities who were complaining about so-called growing intolerance in India after Modi’s appointment as India’s PM, did not think it necessary to cry foul this time and they all maintained high level of silence on the latest development in which Akhlakh’s murder case.

When Akhlaq was murdered by angry mob in UP, Congressi propaganda bullhorns of Indian Media such as NDTV India, AAJ TAK, India today, ABP News, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, The New Indian Express, The Hindu, News 24, Navbharat Times, Economic Times, Jansatta and Congressi journalist such like Burkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Ravish Kumar, Anjana Om Kashyap’s, Punya Prashun Vajpayee, etc all were unanimous that Indian PM Modi is responsible for the killing of Akhlakh in Dadri, UP. All these media channels and bastards journalists were not courageous and bold enough to ask straightforward questions to so-called Samajwadi (socialist) CM of UP Akhilesh Prashad Yadav about the killing of Akhlaq and hold them liable for their complete failure to stop this unfortunate incident from taking place.

India’s most corrupt and Ant-national party congress, which was kicked out of power in 2014 and was reduced to just 44 in Lok sabha, primarily for their misrule and several scandals of corruption, carefully marketed and launched “INTOLERANCE CAMPAIGN” against democratically elected full-majority central government in Delhi under the leadership of Narendra Modi. It was a conspiracy campaign to defame Modi and India’s image nationally and internationally. The paid agents of congress also started “AWARD RETURNING DRAMA” to protest so-called increasing intolerance under Modi regime in India. But, they all were hidden in their holes when lots of riots, communal clashes took place under Congressi rule in India for last 60 years. According to these Congressi Idiots and duffers, there was abundance of “TOLERANCE” in India When:

  1. 5000 Muslims were brutally murdered in Gujarat in 1965 when both the state and centre had Congressi government,
  2. Congress president raped Sukanya Devi and get him disappeared under mysterious circumstances when she asked for justice from Congress president- The Goddess of limitless corruption,
  3. When Congressi ruffians killed 3000 Sikhs in 1984 after the assassination of  former India PM Indira Gandhi by her Sikh Security guard,
  4. 2012 riots in Assam against the local population by pro-congress Bangladeshi Muslims,
    Emergency was imposed in India by congress and people were jailed for opposing the imposition of emergency and
  5. The so-called honest Man ManMohan Singh was involved in large scale corruption cases under UPA 1 & UPA 2.

There are several other incidents wherein there was real intolerance in India under the regime of Congress. All those people who are active on different social media forums easily understand the hypocrisy of Afzal Premi Gang of Indian Media, Secular politicians and fake intellectuals on different critical issues of the country.  Hindi Film Actor and Former Brand Ambassador for “Unique India Campaign”, Amir Khan,  was so sad and disappointed with so called growing intolerance in India that he talked of leaving the country while participating in a Media summit.

Open Response to Aamir Khan by Ravjot Singh: 

The role of UP government is totally discriminative on this critical issue and it provided lots of facilities such as Rs 50 lakh, a government job and costly flats in Noida to the family members of Akhlak. But, the same UP government gives less financial compensation to the Hindu victims of various crimes.

As a law abiding person, I still have faith in Indian Judiciary and we believe that one day, justice will be done and the killers of the cow will be punished according to the law.

Jai Hind!! Jai Bharat !!


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