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US President Trump Makes a sharp U Turn, paid a visit to Saudi Arabia appease “Muslim community”

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                                American President Donald Trump recently visited Saudi Arabia and inked an arms deal worth $110 billion. He also addressed a conference of 55 Muslim countries of the world and urged them not to promote Islamic terrorism on their lands. Moreover, his daughter Melina Trump said: Saudi Arabia has made remarkable progress on Woman’s right despite a number of restrictions. President Trump also participated in traditional events of Saudi Arabia and warned Iran not to support Islamic terror and sectarian violence.

Traditionally, Previous US leaders have chosen the US neighboring countries such as Canada or Mexico for their first presidential voyage, but Trump visited Saudi Arabia to serve a number of purposes. We will have a look at all of them one by one.

If you observe the election campaigns of Donald Trump, he spoke against Islam and vowed to ban Muslim’s entry to the USA if elected to power. On several occasions, we warned the possible dangers of Islam. After becoming the USA president, we tried to ban Muslim’s entry to the USA, but American judiciary made his executive orders null and void.

We all know that, in his first 100 days in office, president Trump took a sharp U-turn on most of the promises he made to the voters and now he is trapped in several controversies such as continuous tussle with the American press, sharing of confidential files with Russia, so-called links with Russia, etc.

We are of the view that president Trump is no different than other USA presidents. While in office, he would like to secure American interest around the world and be indifferent to the chronic problems of the World.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic terrorist country, which promotes the toxic version of Islam all across the world through massive funding and terrorist activities. In Saudi Arabia, there is strict Sharia Law and Saudi Muslims are highly intolerant towards other religions.

By supporting a terrorist and tyrant Islamic regime and arming it with lethal weapons, America wants to continue the unrest in the Middle East and rest of the world so that it may sell its costly weapons to various countries and mint money.

We are of the view that every country must fight Islamic terrorism with its own resources and doesn’t depend on America for receiving any kind of assistance. Americans are very clever and they know how to fool the world in the name of democracy and human rights.

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